What does it mean, u-pick flowers?

When you arrive at Cory Family Farm, enter The Hitching Post farm store and request a bucket for flowers. After paying $25.00 plus tax ($1.50) you will be given a 1 gallon bucket with water and a pair of garden clippers. You can fill the bucket as full as you would like. The average customer will get between 35 and 40 stems of flowers. That's three or four vases! You will also be given a packet of flower food to keep the flowers fresh all week.

It is helpful to bring a large plastic tote or a 5 gallon bucket to transport your flowers home .... your bucket will be less likely to tip!

What types of items are in The Hitching Post?

In 2020, The Hitching Post is a point of sale area where payment may be made for a bucket of flowers or a ready-to-go bouquet. All natural grass fed beef sticks are also available for purchase.

When is Cory Family Farm open for business?

We plan to open for the season in early July. Details will be announced soon.
In the off season, an appointment to purchase beef sticks can be arranged by calling Tom at (515) 306-1452.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed since our farm is a working farm with livestock and lots of people visiting.  Service dogs are permitted. Please notify us upon arrival if bringing a service dog.

How do I know what is going on at the farm?

Please sign up for our weekly email updates. Generally, a newsletter will be sent on Wednesdays highlighting what to expect at the farm Thursday-Saturday. Also, follow Cory Family Farm on Facebook to be informed.

Which driveway do I use?

Enter Cory Family Farm on the north end using the driveway located on NE 110th Avenue. You will exit the farm onto NE 56th Street. We have planned this traffic pattern to help facilitate the safe entering and exiting of the farm.

What is a ready-to-go bouquet?

This is a precut and arranged bouquet in a vase and available for pick up during business hours. Cost is $12.00 + tax.

Can I purchase an item online and pick it up at the store?

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